Instagram – Know your Audience



In this “Know your Audience” set you get all the ins and outs of Instagram, the do’s and don’t, and the ways to really GROW! Plus the “How to grow 100 followers a day on Instagram” e-Book!

Included you will receive:

  1. E-Book – Grow 100 Followers a Day
  2. 4 Tips for Better Instagram Tagging
  3. 5 Tips for Better Photos on a Camera Phone
  4. 5 Tips That Will Make Your Instagram Account Grow More Quickly
  5. How to Create an Instagram Account for a ‘Non-Visual’ Business Model
  6. How to Sell From Instagram
  7. How to Sell the ‘Value Proposition’ on Instagram
  8. How to Succeed On Instagram Without Taking a Single Photograph
  9. The Benefits of Becoming a Verified Account on Instagram
  10. Top Types of Instagram Post That AREN’T Photos
  11. Using Personal Trainers as an example to Execute a Simple Instagram Marketing Plan



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